Website coding in English

EasyCoder is a JavaScript library module that lets you control aspects of any web page by adding your own English-like script to the page itself.

Users of WordPress will find information here about using our software in that environment. Non-WordPress users should also visit EasyCoder on GitHub, which covers the generic version suitable for use in any web page.

WordPress, now powering over a third of the world’s websites, offers developers a huge range of themes and plugins that govern style, appearance and behavior. Although there are thousands of plugins to choose from, sometimes there is no alternative to writing program code to run in the browser, and up till now that meant JavaScript. This can be daunting to WordPress site builders, a high proportion of whom are not programmers, so we developed EasyCoder as a powerful yet easy to use alternative.

EasyCoder is for beginners. It's probably one of the simplest ways to start programming in general and website coding in particular, by keeping to something close to plain English.

EasyCoder is also for experts. As a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool it makes for great productivity, enabling you to build web applications far more quickly. Use it in conjunction with other tools or by itself, avoid huge learning curves and build websites that are far easier to maintain.

Elsewhere in these pages you'll find sample code and complete websites with source code. You can also try writing your own scripts with the help of an online tutorial. See our coding playground, the EasyCoder Codex.