About us

"It's very easy to make things complicated, but it's very hard to make them simple"

EasyCoder Software has a mission: to make complicated things simple. We created EasyCoder because JavaScript is just too hard for most people to learn, yet many of the things that people want it to do can be easily expressed in English. So we figured if we can't make everyone a programmer, let's make programming easy for everyone. If that sounds easy, actually it's hard. Fortunately we've been doing this for a while.

EasyCoder looks like English. Not conversational English, admittedly, but the sort of English we use when giving directions or following a recipe. A formalized version of English, dispensing with the symbols usually found in conventional programming languages that cause ordinary people such grief when trying to match brackets or figure what a triple-equals is for.

EasyCoder has a fully pluggable architecture. This means plugins can be written by anyone and offered free or for a charge to provide any desired functionality to page builders. Documentation is currently being written for this new featureĀ (October 2018).


EasyCoder scripts are easy to read by most people who have an understanding of what is being done. They are experts in their domain and the script does its best to match that domain. Even so, there are some who don't want to do programming in any way yet would still like to enjoy the results of it. For you we offer a consultancy service. If you would like your pages enhanced in some specific way and are thinking maybe EasyCoder could do it, you can ask a question by joining our Slack workspace at https://easycoder-software.slack.com. We'll be pleased to discuss your needs in complete privacy and without obligation.

Alternatively you can reach us by email at info@easycoder.software.