EasyCoder documentation

EasyCoder is a tool for creating browser applications more simply and quickly. It's an English-like high-level scripting language with which you can build interactive web pages and control their appearance and behavior. To learn how, go to https://codex.easycoder.software

Our target user is anyone wanting to add interactivity to a web page. Beginners with no programming experience can use EasyCoder to add simple interactions to existing web pages, while experts can create high-performance single-page web apps that leverage their own functional components as custom script extensions.

JavaScript is a comprehensive language that can perform most any computing task that users and programmers are capable of imagining, but the price of this is increasing complexity. There's so much it can do but it's hard to know which parts are important and which are only rarely needed. So to make programming web pages as simple as possible we devised an English-like syntax that any website designer or owner can understand without the need to learn JavaScript. The EasyCoder plugin contains a compiler and runtime support in the form of a single JavaScript file that is added to the page header.

The user writes a program script and embeds it in a special tag inside the page itself. When the page loads, EasyCoder searches for the tag, compiles the script and runs it. Because the script is part of the web page there's no need to maintain any special external files. When you make a change the result can be seen immediately, just by viewing the page.

The EasyCoder language is divided into a growing list of plugin packages each handling a particular area, such as browser/DOM features, JSON and REST,  SVG graphics, Google Maps and rich text editing. JavaScript programmers can also write their own plugins to seamlessly add to the language.

To make things as simple as possible we've built a scripting playground. This is somewhere you can write code then run it without the need to build your own website first. We combine this useful tool with a comprehensive tutorial that will lead you gently into the use of EasyCoder, plus a complete programmers' reference manual. All this is contained in a single web page, and it even runs on mobile browsers too! We call it the Codex and you can find it here:


Note to programmers: EasyCoder is an Open Source project hosted on GitHub.