EasyCoder examples

These examples demonstrate many of the features of EasyCoder. If you find the descriptions hard to follow, try starting at our For absolute beginners page, which will explain in the simplest terms possible what EasyCoder is all about.


The YorkshireWoman website, which launched at Easter 2019, is a single-page magazine website entirely written in EasyCoder script. It comprises a number of individual script modules which load in a sequence that ensures a fast initial page load. The browser code is supported by a small REST server providing access to the database, which holds all the articles written for the website.


The Storyteller toolkit is designed to help non-technical people build story-based websites, such as for personal/family histories, instruction manuals and so on. Instead of requiring coding using HTML it uses MarkDown, which is far simpler and easier to learn. Storyteller websites are usually statically-hosted and are ideal where low or zero maintenance are required.

I Wanna Show You (IWSY)

The I Wanna Show You website provides an interactive GUI for building slideshows and proesentations that can be embedded in any web page. The package has features for animated transitions and Ken Burns effects on the slides themselves.

EasyCoder Codex

The Codex does 3 jobs. It's a tutorial for those wanting to learn coding skills, a programmers' IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a reference manual for the EasyCoder scripting language. Beginners can use it to learn the fundamentals of coding, while experts can write and test ideas without the need to set up a web page. The Reference Manual is on hand at all times to explain the details of every command in the language.

debug step
  img DuckThink
  if mobile
    attach DuckThink to `ec-duckthink`
    set style `display` of DuckThink to `none`