Factory simulation

Here's a simulation of part of a factory assembly line. A conveyor belt runs continually, carrying pallets containing the product past a station where a test is performed. The aim is not to win prizes for graphics, just to demonstrate that EasyCoder is able to handle quite complex simulations with several things happening at the same time. A key element here is the alias command, which lets one variable be used to represent one of several alternatives.

The entire script is shown below. Those who are interested in such things may like to know that the script itself is about 10k bytes and the compiled version takes up about 70k bytes; similar to one medium-sized image. Compilation is very quick, typically only tens of milliseconds.

As this particular script has no interactivity and always runs the same way you might consider it could simply be replaced by an animated GIF.  However, a real example would probably have some kind of user interaction that alters the way it runs. In fact, the appearance does depend on where it runs; on a smartphone the animation reformats itself to fit the screen width.

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