This is the EasyCoder workshop, where we will guide you through the complete process of creating a new WordPress page that uses an EasyCoder script to control the way the page behaves.

To take part in this workshop you need editor access to a WordPress website. If you have your own site already, no problem; just follow these simple steps:

1. Download the EasyCoder plugin and activate it

2. Download the Headers and Footer Scripts plugin and activate it

3. Create a blank page called Workshop

4. Click Get Started.

Special Offer!

If you don't have your own WordPress website we may be able to help. We can set up temporary websites here at EasyCoder and give you exclusive access to one, free of charge but subject to demand. Just send a request email to giving your name and surname and we'll send you a link to a site you can use as your own, with no restrictions beyond the usual ones relating to inappropriate content. You can keep the site for as long as you need it, again depending on demand. All the instructions you need are in the home page of the site itself.

  button Button
  variable UpDown
  variable Value
  variable Color
  variable C

  attach Button to `ec-get-started`
  on click Button location ``

  set UpDown
  put 128 into Value
  while true
    wait 1 tick
    put Value into Color
    multiply Color by 256
    set style `background-color` of Button to color Color
    take Value from 255 giving C
    multiply C by 2
    multiply C by 256 giving Color
    add C to Color
    multiply Color by 256
    add C to Color
    set style `color` of Button to color Color
    if UpDown
      if Value is 255 clear UpDown
      else add 1 to Value
      if Value is 128 set UpDown
      else take 1 from Value